Escaner de cantos

Wane Scanner W1000

A scanner for board dimension and wane dimension measurement on cross transporting conveyors to use for:

  • automatic board sorting
  • chop saw optimisation and trimmer control
  • controlling of board rotators


  • Operates on high speed convectors
  • Tolerant against subsidence slope of the boards
  • Easy integration into new or retrofi tted installations
  • No additional Illumination equipment required
  • Not impeded by external lights

Technical Data


  • Dataset / Module: coordinates of wane/track
  • thickness
  • width
  • length
  • twist (will be calculated externaly)
  • Interface: RS-422 or RS232, 115 kB/sec
  • Power: 24V/DC, 300mA
  • Data format: binary data packet with checksum