Log Scanner

3D-Log Scanner / RH-1000

„RH-1000“ is a complete measurement system which consists of 2 scanner units, a light curtain, a computer unit and all software. The system is designated to be used on continouse conveyor belt systems.

RH-1000 units are used in the following applications:

  • log sorting and quality control processes
  • automated saw mill cutting stations
  • sectional view calculations for saw mills

Technical Data

  • Range of diameters: 200 - 1200 mm
  • Resolution: 2 mm
  • Measuring rate: 200 scans/sec
  • Data ports: available PC ports

Information obtainable:

  • cross section
  • curvature
  • volume
  • length

Also available is our special log sorting software, which sends signals directly to the SPS control system.