Profile Checker

Scanner for the automatic checking, measurement and selection of profiles

P-1000 registers and memorizes up to 100 profiles or color attributes of different machined parts and stores this data in an internal memory.

During the production line manufacturing process, the machined parts are automatically scanned, checked rejected or sorted.

P-1000 is able to communicate with your PC via serial link, or to operate totally independently using digital signal flow.

P-1000 is based on a powerful, state of the art, colour camera working in conjunction with laser beams. Using the so called light sheet method, the profile is recognized.

A powerful microprocessor (DSP) is responsible for the data and signal processing.

The internal data memory stores the data of up to 100 different parts.

Thanks to the colour image method (Type “F”), colour attributes can be used as a criteria for scanning or testing.


 Quality check: 

  • P-1000 is able to check the profile of machined parts. Differences between the measured profile and the programmed reference value will be detected and registed by either a message or and alarm 

Parts identification and sorting: 

  • P-1000 is able to identify parts und to sort these parts. A typical application is the identification of window frame profiles. 

In-line process checks: 

  • P-1000 is able to check if parts are positioned correctly in the manufacturing machines.
  • This minimizes damage to machines by eliminating the chance of parts sitting incorrectly.

Technical Data

  • Response time ( Scanning/Output ): 20msec
  • Interface: RS-422, all PC-Interfaces over converter
  • 2 digital Inputs 24V/DC
  • 2 digital Outputs ( open collector )
  • Power: 24V/DC, 300mA
  • Temperature range: -25 bis +50°C
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 337 x 150 x 68 mm