Quality Scanner

Flashgrade F-1000

Quality Scanner to recognize and analyse defects in timber products traveling along transverse conveyors.

In addition to checking the geometric data of the boards (width, thickness and length) the Flashgrade-1000 will also
register defects such as knots, cracks, wanes and colour differentiations.

The FlashGrade-1000 is a modular sensor system which can be staggered in meter steps in order to scan the required board lengths.

In the same way, the system can be expanded for recognition for all four sides of the boards.

The sensor system consists of the well established sensor W-1000 for scanning both wane and geometric data and the new colour camera based sensor F-1000 for defect recognition.

A pair of W-1000 and F-1000 is required for the scanning of two sides. Additional sensor heads allow for the scanning of three and four sides of boards.


Porduct properties

  • Simple installation of the compact and sealed modules in new and retrofit installations
  • Simple start-up procedures because of pre-adjusted sensors
  • Maintenance free operation because of Power-LED illumination system in flash mode.
  • No internal fans or maintenance intensive components.
  • Simple cabling using bus systems with connectors
  • Powerful image processing of each camera in the module
  • System-upgrade and telemaintenance via internet


  • Automated quality control
  • Automatic removal of defect by cross-cutting
  • Optimized control of ripping cross cuttings saws
  • Support of “Visula sorting of timber into strength grades” according to DIN 4074-1

Technical Data

  • Board speed max.: 3 Boards/sec
  • Board dimensions max. (LxHxW ): 8000x160x300 mm