Glass Scanner

Glass Defect and Contour Scanner



Scanner System for the Detection of Defects in Transparent Materials


The modular scanner system serves to detect even the smallest contaminations, inclusions and scratches in  float glass sections as well as all other transparent materials.

The scanner can also be utilized to accurately measure the contours of transparent and other plate materials.

The scanner has an impressive measurement rate of up to 60m/min.

LYNX-560 consists of special LED-Light emitters and receptor modules. These pairs of modules are positioned opposite each other and are set to the desired maximum width making up the x- axis.

An encoder , mounted to the transport equipment , ensures synchronization in the x- axis.

The receptors are equipped with highly solvent CCDs,  special filters. Fast  DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) are integrated into each module and allow  local data processing and data volume reduction. The opposite module pairs are connected via plug-in BUS cables.

An interface module ensures the central current supply for all modules and the data conversion for a  simple  connection  to a PC.



Quality Control - Glass defect detection in the window industry

  • Measurement and control of contour differentiations
  • Scanning of triple pane insulated glazing
  • Dimensional Control - Detection of contour / form differences in relation to stored plans
  • In-process control of plate forms as well as automated positioning of these forms


Technical Data:

  • Scanning width / module (maximum) :   560mm (cascading up to 3360 mm)
  • Scanning length (maximum) :                6000mm
  • Scanner measurement rate:                   up to 36m/min.
  • Emitter / Receiver distance :                   160mm
  • Test material /  receiver distance:           5 - 20 mm
  • Resolution of x - y axis:                          0,125 mm
  • PC connection:                                       1000 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • Supply voltage:                                      24V/DC  1 A / Module pair